When Princeton Stopped: 50 years on from the Strike of 1970

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410   1 year ago
Fifty-one years ago, on April 30, 1970, President Richard Nixon made an announcement.

As the United States invaded Cambodia in a shocking continuation of the Vietnam War, Princeton University found itself amid a surge of anger, despair, and passion from a young generation looking for change. It's a situation mirrored beautifully in the present day, as the nation grapples with the effects of both a pandemic and generations of systemic racism. Hear about the University Strike of May 1970 and the era that it embodied so well from the people in the middle of it all in this exclusive Princetonian documentary.

Produced and narrated by Mark Dodici '22.
Interviews by James Anderson '23, Ergene Kim '23, Zachary Shevin '22, and Dodici.
On-campus videos by JJ Lopez Haddad '22

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