Stony Brook Bridge 'Princeton Bridge Is Falling Down'

3360   8 years ago
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3360   8 years ago
Stony Brook Bridge, the oldest bridge in New Jersey, is in danger of collapsing. It's on Route 206, a major thoroughfare that runs from Atlantic County in South Jersey through Trenton, up through North Jersey and into Pennsylvania. VIDEO FROM: Chasing News The place for News like you've never seen before. Weeknights at 10PM ET on My9 in New Jersey and 12:00AM ET on Fox29 Philly and 1AM on FOX 5 WNYW

The bridge is 224 years old and was just reopened after emergency repairs.

We met with a George Washington re-enactor to discuss the bridge's history.

"The bridge was here before 1776, but this bridge the way it is now was built in 1792 when I was president of the United States," said Sam Davis, George Washington re-enactor.
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