TLC Graphene Composites. The future of Graphene.

1869   4 years ago
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1869   4 years ago
StimulusBrand video promotes breakthrough launch for TLC Graphene Composites - The future of Graphene

The quest for lighter and stronger materials is ongoing in every industry where performance is paramount to achieving life critical goals.
Composite materials are the key to reaching these performance goals and G-PMC materials from TLC Graphene Composites are the only graphene composite materials available that achieve superior graphene performance while reducing your material costs as much as 30% overall.

Compared to the polymer materials alone, G-PMC materials exhibit superior strength, higher electric and thermal conductivity, and reduced gas permeation. In order to satisfy the huge demand we are seeing for G-PMC materials, TLC Graphene Composites is building a new production facility in New Jersey. This facility will deliver multiple tons of material per month. A larger facility planned the following year will increase capacity ten-fold.
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