Spin Doctor Laudromat: The Cure For Dirty Clothes

2508   6 years ago
cneilley | 0 subscribers
2508   6 years ago
Spin Doctor Laundromat expertly cleans, dries, folds and packs all washable fabric articles including work and school uniforms, towels, sheets, blankets, aprons, robes, gowns, restaurant and bed linens by room, piece, or pound with competitive pricing. Finishing and special treatments also available upon request.

Past and current work has been performed for the U.S. military, national hotel chains, physician offices, restoration and convention management companies, party supply firms and museums located in and around Mercer County. Therefore, our expert staff has the experience and knowledge to meet all of your commercial laundry needs—regardless of industry.
We pay attention to what's important to you: Large commercial companies typically miss stains due to the large volume of items they process. Therefore, you are ensured of receiving the cleanest wash possible, as well as, the customer service you deserve and expect.
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