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There are hundreds of small businesses in varying industries who are feeling the immediate impact from COVID-19. Even if we can’t step in and support these businesses right this moment – it’s important to support them whenever possible and as soon as our country and community stabilizes from the outbreak. In fact, there are many you CAN support right away. Today! Because the reality is that we need these local businesses to stay afloat to keep our community strong. Small businesses provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and create meaningful jobs. They foster the local economy – by keeping money close to home and supporting our neighborhoods and local organizations. Small business is SO important.

As soon as the outbreak runs its course – we encourage you to consider keeping your dollars local whenever possible, in order to help these small businesses bounce back. Because for small businesses – every dollar counts and ultimately benefits the community we live in.
Today, you can order out for food. you can have groceries delivered. You can conduct business by phone and over computer screen.

Here are more tangible ways to support local after COVID-19 has run it’s course:
Shop Local
Attend Community Events
Eat Local
Bank Local
Invite Friends & Family
Subscribe to your local paper

Do you want to support local businesses RIGHT NOW?

Consider purchasing gift certificates to your favorite shops, restaurants or businesses that rely heavily on foot traffic (ie: museums, trampoline parks, gyms, etc) that you could either gift to a friend (or keep for yourself!). Call it “Early holiday shopping.” Or consider planning a fall or summer event or birthday party. This will help the bottom line of these small businesses while they try to stay on their feet and recover!

Thanks for considering and engaging Small and local businesses. You know each other. You see each other. You are the lifeblood of the community.

—Tom McManimon is a small business entrepreneur and Committee leader to The Princeton Mercer Chamber of Commerce Independent Business Alliance

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