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Thank you to all our viewers as well as our experts who share their video content, with us and the Princeton Mercer Region. A special thank you to our Sponsors and Advertising Partners, who help us to keep this platform free to you viewers and experts. Continue to explore your awesomeness and keep using and watching.

Happy Valentine's Day and Thank you to you all, Namaste. Gabi For more information contact us

What is Social Video Content? Social Video Content brings the/your stories to life in a way that words, or even pictures cannot. Retailers and organizations can harness the power of emotion to make new connections with existing clients, potential clients, buyers or even donors, that inspire action. Creating Social Video Content is the place to grow and to be, so you keep your name and brand active and create WANTS.

Because just running after vanity metrics of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ isn’t what makes organizations successful in the real world.

Where, When and How? The YourTownTube platform allows you to simultaneously post, upload videos, you get your own Channel and your own running VLOG - so your unique story will be reaching a large audience of local potential clients that can come to your door.
We have dedicated several years to building the strongest local viewership like no other site does and we are now sharing this entire list with you.

We also made our platform so easy to communicate and share your Social Video Content, yes with just one click, once your Social Video Content is uploaded, you can share it to all your other social media links as well as directly, embedded to your website, no need anymore for you to upload each social media individually, on all your social media our site creates your text, and your “bit link” all you need to do is to click ok.

Peace, Love and Happy Video Viewing,

Creator/Owner, YourTownTube
Keeping it Real and Keeping it Local.

Cell: 609-815-1850

Thank you for making us the #1 All-Local Website in the Princeton Region and the #1 Local Social Media Site in NJ - now over 15,000 videos and 3.4 million hits per month!

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I am grateful for new rituals