Paul Robeson Tiles Project Digging Wild Clay in Princeton, NJ

203   1 month ago
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203   1 month ago
In the spring of 2024, the Arts Council of Princeton's Anne Reeves Artist-in-Residence Ryan Stark Lilienthal unearthed what we now call Robeson Clay during the renovation of the Paul Robeson House of Princeton.

Lilienthal, working with ACP Executive Director and ceramicist Adam Welch, conducted microscopic analysis, plasticity, shrinkage, and porosity tests to determine all aspects of its nature. Testing in the ACP’s ceramic studios found the clay to be a spectacular material, non-porous at high temperatures with a deep color we associate with earth. This naturally occurring, dark burning stoneware was then used to create tiles, then imprinted with Robeson’s words with custom 3D-printed stamps created by Lilienthal.

This project was held in collaboration with the Paul Robeson House of Princeton.
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