What HAPPENED in Trenton, NJ Teaching YOUTH about Real Estate

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Join Matt Faircloth as he takes his nephew Anthony of D'Angelo Kickz on an unforgettable tour of Trenton, New Jersey, where it all began for the DeRosa Group. This video is not just a tour of the city; it's a journey through time and the humble beginnings of Matt Faircloth and his real estate empire.

They explore old properties, sharing captivating stories of the DeRosa Group's history. From properties that faced unfortunate fires to those taken over by gangs, Matt and Anthony discuss the highs and lows of their real estate journey.

But it's not all about the past; they also dive into the present. Matt introduces Anthony to a new property construction site, providing an inside look at negotiations with contractors. It's a hands-on lesson that bridges the generational gap and offers valuable insights into the inner workings of a business.

Anthony, an 18-year-old entrepreneur with a successful six-figure sneaker business, is eager to expand his horizons as he heads into college. This video is not only about real estate but also about mentorship and passing down knowledge to the younger generation. It's a must-watch for teenagers and young adults interested in the real estate industry.

Get ready for a blend of history, education, and inspiration as Matt Faircloth and Anthony of D'Angelo Kickz explore the roots and future of real estate in Trenton, New Jersey. Subscribe, like, and share to support Anthony's journey into the world of real estate!

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00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Anthony's Business
03:40 - Boxing and Arm wrestling
5:45 - Real Estate investing in Trenton
7:48 - Brining Anthony on site
9:00 - Barbershop story
11:02 - One of Matt's first single family renovation

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