Tom McManimon StimulusBrand on “ PURPOSE”

518   1 year ago
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518   1 year ago
Tom McManimon speaks about Purpose.
Instead, they’re changing the paradigm (or at least trying to) moving from surviving to thriving, from working for just a paycheck to working for a PURPOSE AND a paycheck. It’s a new game, where authentic strengths, values, and passions are contributed daily to a worthy cause, and you end your day exhausted, yet happy and satisfied.

How ‘bout that? Working for a purpose you can believe in. One that motivates you (personally) each and every day? It’s about knowing YOUR purpose and aligning that to a Purpose-Driven Job for a Purpose-Driven Company.
To find that “Purposeful” job, it helps first to understand YOUR purpose. That’s job 1 !!! Do you know your purpose? Take time to really consider that. It will be time well-spent. Then state it clearly….in writing! My mother used to tell me, “write it on your forehead.” Well, not literally of course. I have found, once you commit it to writing, it becomes your compass.

And why is that important? Once you know your unique purpose, your “happy” lies just ahead.
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