2016   1 year ago
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2016   1 year ago
I was honored to receive an award from Attitudes in Reverse (AIR) for my decades of giving back to our children in need thru creating many charitable endeavors and personal contributions. Thank you so much to Trisha, Kurt, Lee, Dennis and the board... thank you with God's blessings to Kenny. This video is of my acceptance speech, a great honor to stand and deliver to several hundred friends, donors, customers and colleagues. Thank you for this heartfelt, blessed privilege.

Attitudes In Reverse® or AIR® offers a comprehensive mental health plan to educate youth, from elementary level through college-age. AIR'®s programs are wrapped in messages of understanding, empathy and kindness towards all. At AIR®, we believe that good mental health programming makes the best anti-bullying and suicide prevention plans. Breaking down stigma allows AIR® to help identify youth who are at risk. Programs are also available for parents, teachers and all school staff. Certified AIR® Dogs, therapy dogs, accompany all program presenters.

God bless all our children and youth, God bless all contributing members and friends of Attitudes in Reverse.
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