Victory or Death: Battles of Trenton, Princeton, Dec25 - Jan 3, 1777

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Video: Fraunces Tavern Museum
Presented by Mark Maloy*

This lecture was recorded as part of Fraunces Tavern Museum's Evening Lecture Series on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Just six months after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, George Washington and the new American Army sit on the verge of utter destruction by the banks of the Delaware River. Rather than submit to defeat, Washington and his small band of soldiers crossed the ice-choked Delaware River and attacked the Hessian garrison at Trenton, New Jersey on the day after Christmas. He followed up the surprise attack with successful actions along the Assunpink Creek and at Princeton. In this lecture, Maloy will discuss the stunning military campaign that allowed Washington to turn the tables, and breathe life into the dying cause for liberty during the Revolutionary War.

*The views of the speakers are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Fraunces Tavern® Museum or Sons of the Revolution℠ in the State of New York, Inc
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