Level Up LinkedIn 10 Tips Series: Tip 5

886   3 years ago
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886   3 years ago
Do you own all of your online data? Most people really only own their website and their email list. Social media platforms can suspend us (for example, the dreaded “LinkedIn Jail”) or even close down so we need to keep a record of our work. LinkedIn makes it easy to do.

Many experts recommend saving a full archive of our LinkedIn data, including articles, profile, recommendations, connections, etc. once a month. This way if anything should happen to our account, we have the information to re-create as much as possible.

In another video I’ll be discussing how downloading an archive of our connections can be used to re-engage with our network. Follow #LevelUpLI10Tips to find it!

You might want to save your LinkedIn Profile before making changes to the Headline or About section since LinkedIn doesn’t save previous versions.

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