Level Up LinkedIn 10 Tips Series: Tip 1

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499   1 year ago
Many B2C (Business to Consumer) business owners ask me whether they should be spending time on LinkedIn.

Even if LinkedIn is not where your ideal clients "hang out", it is still very valuable to B2C businesses. Why?

#1: LinkedIn can now be considered a "Destination for Validation." Before doing business with us, people check us out so we want to make sure that what they see about us on LinkedIn matches what they know about us from other social platforms or from meeting us.

LinkedIn has a reputation of being used by the more serious professionals, so you will get instant credibility if your profile is relevant and up-to-date.

#2: Why look for ideal clients 1 at a time when you can meet one collaborative partner with whom you can share dozens of ideal clients? Find other professionals who know people who could be your clients. LinkedIn is the best place to find people in industries that are related to your industry. For example, realtors will want to meet mortgage officers, insurance brokers, etc.

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