Shackles and Ivy: The Secret History of How Slavery Helped Elite Colleges

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974   4 years ago
Shackles and Ivy: The Secret History of How Slavery Helped Build America's Elite Colleges
Democracy Now! - A new book 10 years in the making examines at how many major U.S. universities -- Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth Rutgers, Williams, and the University of North Carolina among others -- are drenched in the sweat, and sometimes the blood, of Africans brought to the United States as slaves. In "Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery and the Troubled History of America's Universities," Massachusetts Institute of Technology American History Professor Craig Steven Wilder reveals how the slave economy and higher education grew up together. "When you think about the colonial world, until the American Revolution, there is only one college in the south, William & Mary ... The other eight colleges were all northern schools and they're actually located in key sites, for the most part, of the merchant economy where the slave traders had come to power and rose as the financial and intellectual backers of new culture of the colonies," Wilder says.

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