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1826   9 years ago
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1826   9 years ago
www.princeton.edu...Reflections about the lessons of Prof. Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University, in The History of the world since 1300/nThe European expansion in the fifteenth century can be considered the first step toward economic social and biological globalization.
It is therefore important to be characterized in detail for a proper understanding of this phenomenon and that follow the timeline.
The presentation has been made with the omission of relevant historical facts, leading to distorted conclusions about the process of "European Expansion" in itself, as well as in historical sequent periods.
Here are presented important facts occurred, and historically referenced.
The findings and comments will be yours./nThe analysis was synthetically characterized in 5 videos.
We would like to emphasize the frame of reference of the European Middle Ages, the end of the Byzantine Empire and especially the expansion of Islam in the Iberian Peninsula, which conditioned the initial involvement of Spain in this process.
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