Susannah Fox Unboxing my first book, REBEL HEALTH

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Two groups of people will benefit from reading this book:
1. Anyone who feels alone, forgotten, or lost in the shadows of suffering, whether they are navigating a new diagnosis or life with a chronic condition. Patients, survivors, and caregivers will learn new skills and how to deploy them for themselves and their loved ones.
2. Anyone working inside health care who is fed up with the status quo. If they are ready to create positive change – improve health outcomes, keep people safe, find effective treatments, or bring better products and services to the market – they need new allies and strategies. Rebels are standing by to help.
Health care needs to invite the rebels inside, to connect them with the resources they need to test and scale their ideas. REBEL HEALTH is a how-to guide.

Advance praise:
In the age of rapid health advancements, Fox reminds us that no amount of tech can replace the support of others who have gone or are going through similar struggles—the relieving elixir of what she calls ‘just-in-time someone-like-me.’

– Esther Perel, psychotherapist; author of Mating in Captivity; host of Where Should We Begin
Susannah Fox makes visible the experience and wisdom of remarkable patients who are creating solutions and setting new standards for what is possible in health care, providing inspiration for all seeking better health.

– Harlan M. Krumholz, Harold H. Hines Jr. Professor of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine
Through Susannah Fox’s unique framework of four patient archetypes, she shines a light on the ingenuity that arises when people collectively leverage their lived experiences to change the status quo, giving us hope for the continuation of a patient-led revolution.
– Gina Assaf and Lisa McCorkell, cofounders of Patient-Led Research Collaborative
Susannah Fox teaches us how the best path to improving care is to rebel! Rebel Health is a crucial look at how patient communities can make the difference when the medical field ignores their concerns.

– Andy Slavitt, General Partner, Town Hall Ventures; author of Preventable

Rebel Health is a wonderful testament and practical guide to the way people can come together and tap into their collective resilience to address health challenges. Susannah Fox writes with great wisdom and depth about how the different actors (Seekers, Networkers, Solvers, and Champions) work together to promote innovative patient-led solutions to previously unrecognized health needs.

– Jack Saul, author of Collective Trauma, Collective Healing

Navigating the health care system can feel overwhelming for anyone recently diagnosed with a disease and for health care professionals trying to give excellent care to their patients. A revolution is brewing, and no one is more qualified than Susannah Fox to lead it. Rebel Health is an inspiring and empowering field guide for transforming American medicine into true health care. Highly recommended!

– Dean Ornish, New York Times bestselling author of UnDo It!; Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute; Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF
On sale date: February 13, 2024
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