Its A Pleasure with Princeton Air Hybrid Heat Pumps Cooling and Heating

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Heat pumps are an efficient hybrid heating and cooling option for the home.

A heat pump, as the name suggests, pumps heat from one location to another location within your home to keep you warmer during wintertime. However, a heat pump or mini split can also cool your home in the summertime through the use of a reversing valve and heat exchanger that pushes heat out rather then in. Princeton Air installs energy efficient heat pumps.

What is Hybrid Heat?

A hybrid heat pump system automatically reacts to the changes in the outdoor temperature and adjusts the indoor temperature by activating whichever heating/cooling system will bring your home to the desired temperature most efficiently. During mild weather a dual heat pump system simply transfers heat from the outside air, rather than creating it. When temperatures get colder, the system creates heat, but does so far more efficiently than a traditional furnace. In times of extreme cold, your furnace steps in and helps get your home to the desired temperature. Except for times of extreme cold or warmth, a hybrid heat system can rely almost entirely on heat pumps.

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