Princeton's Woke LYNCHING of Joshua Katz

348   9 months ago
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348   9 months ago
In this excerpt from an August 2021 episode of @ColemanNation Podcast - Lawyer Ron Colemanacademic free-speech advocate Professor Robert George of @Princeton University discusses what seemed then to have been an a moment to be proud of: Princeton's standing up to the woke mob and refusing to discipline Classics scholar Professor Joshua Katz for wrongspeak.

Less than a year later, after defaming Katz -- a tenured member of its own faculty -- in an internal freshman orientation video, Princeton fired Katz for reasons putatively unrelated to Katz's violation of political correctness, but transparently pretextual. The sordid case is discussed in a Quillette article by Professor George, briefly shown at the end of this video, you can find here:

The full Robert George interview on ColemanNation can be found here:
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