Princeton Dinky, Amtrak, & NJT at Princeton Junction

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279   10 months ago
Video: Oliver Porter

The 1:58 Thursday arrival of the world-famous "Dinky" to Princeton Junction from Princeton Station, operated by two New Jersey Transit GE Arrow IIIs (1325 lead, 1315 trail), trip time ~5 minutes. The Dinky has a storied history beginning in earnest in 1865, made famous in Princeton lore. Personally, my grandparents took me on it when I was ~2-3, sparking my lifelong interest in anything that moves.

Also included are an Amtrak NE Regional southbound and an NJT NEC Local northbound.

00:00 NJT NEC Local northbound
00:15 Amtrak NE Regional Southbound
00:30 Dinky arrival to Princeton Junction
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