Market and reach customers in today's climate

1225   3 years ago
PrincetonChamber | 1 subscriber
1225   3 years ago
CHAMBER LIVE April 28. market and reach customers in today's COVID-19 climate. While what is going on around us is uncertain, CMA’s 30+ years of experience has allowed them to demonstrate their resolve in the face of recessions, national disasters, and historic moments. Because of this, CMA would like to share their expertise with the region’s businesses on how they can utilize the top marketing channels during the COVID-19 crisis.

Whether it’s ensuring your website is designed to maximize the leads your business receives, shifting your strategy on social media to be a part of the current conversations, or how you can still sell your services during this time, CMA, in partnership with the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce, will discuss marketing methods to keep your business involved in the best way possible.
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