#metoo at Princeton University

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1552   5 years ago
Video By Eva Song
Published on Oct 9, 2018
A video that exposes the inside story of the whole "sexual harassment" scandal at Princeton University.

While the immense majority of the #metoo movement is about promoting the safety and dignity of women in the workplace, unfortunately, a few callous individuals are co-opting it to ruin the lives of innocent men and women in order to advance their own careers.

References - links to the previous media coverage:

1) HuffPost article that launched the scandal where Yeohee Im and Paul Cuff are the main source:

2) Scandalous Daily Princetonian (Princeton University student newspaper) article where Yeohee Im and Paul Cuff are the main source that spreads rumors in order to vilify Verdu:

Voice from Dr. Shkel, a woman who had worked with Sergio Verdu, criticizing the Daily Princetonian's Reckless Coverage:
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