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iPhone 7 will receive revolutionary Homebutton

Apple plans to the iPhone 7 now seem but a small revolution. According to several media reports, it should be the Home button on the next iPhone is no longer a physical button but a touch button. In addition, Apple is planning to equip the home button with Force Touch, as we already know it from the new trackpad, letting users continue to receive a physical feedback when they press the Home button.

Written by Martin Grabmair
06/29/2016 - 12:07
The iPhone 7 could get an entirely new Home Button
The iPhone 7 could have a completely new Home Button obtained (image: Martin Hajek, @deplaatjesmaker)
Several sources report that the iPhone 7 but should give greater innovation. Both insiders and analysts predict that Apple will reinvent the home button on the next iPhone. So should be equipped with Force Touch the "iPhone 7" -Homebutton. This means that the Home button on the next iPhone is to be able to pass physical feedback through different vibration patterns to the user. Moreover, it should obviously act more in the new Home Button to no physical button that you can press into the housing. Instead, Apple wants to put on a touch-button ease. This would have the great advantage that the home button will be less prone to damage. For moving parts go now times more often broken than immovable components - have experienced hand like countless iPhone owners. The Home button is one of the components of the iPhone that needs to be most commonly repaired.


From Blue Black is: "Space Black" as a new color of the iPhone 7?

Not such a rumor claiming "Deep Blue", but almost "Space Black" the Alternative color of the iPhone to be. 7 At least ... more

Home Button with Force Touch is not the only innovation

On design of the iPhone 7 will change little compared to the current iPhone models. Only the plastic inserts on the back of the iPhone to slip on the top and bottom edges. The only major changes are otherwise out of the disappearance of their own headphone port exist at all iPhone-7 models and the introduction of a dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus. In addition, there will be new iPhone colors. Dark Blue and Space-black are this talking. The Space-gray model to disappear it. Perhaps the iPhone 7 will also be waterproof.
iPhone 7

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